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Bring your idea to life with our collection of delectable bites. These items are perfect for simple subjects like characters, pets, or people.





Simple, loose drawing of a single character. People, animals, anthro anything goes! 

No revisions.

Villager Phone Background

Colored drawing of your villager made to fit your phone screen.
Revisions allowed.

gaston phone bg.png
Villager Sticker Sheet

Commission a sticker sheet of your favourite villager! Price includes 1 sticker sheet but does not include shipping.

Revisions allowed.


Full Meal

When you need a little more than a bite, fully lined and coloured illustrations. Contact me with a short description of the piece you'd like for a more accurate quote!

Gallery of Snacks
Make an order

Commission requests can be made through email or Instagram.

1. Email me a description of the piece you're interested in commissioning.

What to include in message:

  • Type of commission, is it a sketch, sticker sheet or full illustration?

  • Commission details; Characters, props, background, etc.

  • Include any reference material that will give an idea of how the drawing or characters should look. A text description is fine too!

  • Any resolutions you want the final piece in, for example if you'd like it on your phone or laptop. This doesn't cost any extra.

2. If I agree to your commission request I will give you a quote. I will add you to my commission queue after I receive the payment as well as an email confirmation with you containing a description of the commission and reference images with your IG handle (or preferred method of contact) in the title. 

3. [NOT APPLICABLE for the Sketch tier]I will check in with you when the sketch is ready and you can request up to 3 major changes. Minor changes are allowed after the piece is lined and coloured.

4. As the commissioner, you will receive a full resolution, unwatermarked version of the image. I reserve full rights to the art which means: I can post it on my social media, make merch or do promotions with it. OCs and personal art are exempt from this, let me know if you're comfortable with me sharing your piece on social media in that case and if you would like to be credited as the commissioner.

Example orders

"Could I get a sketch of my OC holding the guitar in this picture? They have a neon pink mohawk and this is the outfit I would like them drawn in!"

"Would you be able to make a full illustration of my 4 character Genshin Impact team making fun of a hilichurl monster? I've included a reference picture I drew in MSpaint of how I would like them to be arranged?"

"Please can you make a phone background of the best villager, Pietro? Can  you make it look just like my back tattoo of him?"

Contact about a commission today!

* Optional

Thanks for submitting!

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